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Bone Grafting

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical treatment where replacement or artificial bone tissue is used to strengthen a bone that is fractured or has lost bone tissue.. Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. Many patients who have lost teeth, however, have also experienced bone loss in their jaw. Because dental implants use metal posts implanted into the jawbone, it is important for the jaw to be strong. Bone grafting has helped many patients become candidates for dental implants when they were previously ineligible.

Many sources of bone graft material exist and these may be obtained from your own body (autograft), from another human being (allograft), from an animal (xenograft), or from a synthetic material (alloplast).

The source of bone graft depends on your specific situation. An autograft can be harvested from various parts of your body and the anatomic site selected depends on the type and volume of bone required for your situation. Anatomic sites commonly used are the upper or lower jaws accessed through incision inside the mouth, the crest of the pelvic bone and the tibia.

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